Right now, I am booking house concerts, night of worship events, and worship  for Sunday-morning services. Here’s what those different bookings would look like:

1. House Concert with Ben and Lori +1:

A house concert would feature me on acoustic guitar and vocals and Lori on her hand-percussion set and vocals. We occasionally bring someone on keys also.  House Concerts are uber-easy to put together because they are simply an extension of you!  Concerts in a home are a perfect environment for truly sharing songs with others.  And most people’s houses can surprisingly fit 20-50 people comfortably (once couches are pushed to the walls or back), which is the perfect size for a concert!  We will do 2 sets of all original songs lasting about 45 minutes each.  We generally ask for a donation from the attendees in the range of $10 -$15.  And our CD’s would be available for purchase.  The beauty of this house concert format is that we get to tell the stories behind the songs…what was God saying at the time…what were we feeling…whose story inspired the song.  It makes for an unforgettable event!

Here are the usual song selections we play in set 1 which come from our 21 Days: 21 Songs project:

  • Lift Up a Shout of Praise
  • Sing About This God We Love
  • What You Love I’ll Love
  • For Now I Believe
  • Devote
  • Until the Blessing Comes
  • Come What May (with rap)

Here are the usual song selections we play in set 2 which come from our “WE” album:

  • Make Us Desperate
  • Celebrate
  • Nothing Can Separate Us (with rap)
  • You Turn
  • Our Savior Is The Lord
  • Worthy To Receive
  • You Give Life (with rap)
  • We are also open to playing our song, “The Eucharist” if the host would like to take communion together

There is also a set 3 option for when a host would like to do a worship set where the attendees participate more fully in worship.  Here’s a likely set list:

  • Here I Am To Worship (Tim Hughes – although we do our fast and funky version)
  • Break Every Chain (by Jesus Culture)
  • You Are Good (by Israel Houghton)
  • How He Loves (John Mark McMillan)
  • Blessed Be Your Name (Matt Redman – although we do a dub step version!)
  • Our Father (by Brian and Jenn Johnson/Bethel Church)
  • Beautiful Things (by Gungor)

As always, if the host or the crowd would like us to sing a specific song from any of our other CD projects, we are happy to!

 2.  Night of Worship (NOW)Events, Conferences, or Festivals :

I come with a full band for a full worship experience. This would feature mostly songs from sets 1, 2, or 3 above.  But we could do a few that we’re positive your crowd knows and loves.  You would cover travel for 6, provide hotel rooms or host homes, allow us to sell CD’s, and take up an honorarium and/or guarantee us a minimum of $750.  These are powerful times of worship where God moves mightily in the hearts of his people!

*if you are interested in doing a night of worship that features multi-arts (painters, dancers, poetic prayers, modern psalms) or liturgical  elements (Scripture reading and communion), we can help facilitate this, as we have done many, many of these!

3.  Sunday morning Worship Services:

It also works great for us (Ben and Lori) to come and partner with your local band to lead worship for your Sunday morning service(s).  You would cover our travel expenses, provide a hotel or host home, allow us to sell CD’s, and take up an honorarium. This is the most cost-effective option because we don’t ask for a guarantee (that whole faith thing).  But it’s also one of our favorites because we love the local church!  We are also available to teach an encouraging/equipping session with the whole worship team about the character God calls us to as artists.

Keep in mind that if we could identify other churches in your region who are also interested in hosting an event in that same week/weekend, we could likely split travel costs in half or more. Email me at to start the conversation.