WE is our latest worship album.  It took me almost a year and a half, and I’m so excited for you to hear it…for you to worship to these songs!  WE is a corporate worship project that is a musical fusion, with funk, gospel, R&B, blues, and singer/songwriter influences.  WE is better listened to than described, and is accessible to any and all worshippers and worship leaders.  I’ve written each of these songs in the context of our local faith community, with many of them inspired by Holy Spirit driven improvisation and intimate moments, and intended to give people expression to the longings of their hearts.  You can preview and purchase the album at iTunes by clicking here.

Enter the Worship Circle:


Enter the Worship Circle is a series of worship albums that have gained grassroots and national acclaim for theircongregational worship songs, group recording approach, international flavor, and acoustic guitar and hand percussion style.  I was privledged to write and record most of this Second Circle with my good friend Jared Hornsby under the band name “Calling Cedar”.  We tracked these songs at the Blue Renaissance studio in Colorado Springs over 4 days with other noted artists Ben & Robin Pasley, Mary Luker, and Will Hunt.  You can find more great Enter the Worship Circle artists, songs, and cds by visiting entertheworshipcircle.com.  


Neenah Pool:

neenahpoolalbumcover_4x4Neenah Pool was a band and CD featuring Ben Kennedy on songwriting, acoustic guitar, and lead vocals, Jared Hornsby on drums, Sarah Hornsby on vocals, Chris Como on bass, and Ryan Lott on keys and programming.  I wrote and recorded this album to engage people on a spiritual journey.  We played in clubs, coffeehouses, and other venues around the country for nearly 3 years.  In this album and in our live shows, we introuduced the concepts of the Father, forgiveness, and redemption with the goal of fostering deeper conversations with God and with each other.  We played nearly 200 shows and also won a DIY album of the year from the Performing Songwriter magazine in 2002.  You can preview the songs below or purchase from CD Baby by clicking here.




This Calling Cedar album (Ben Kennedy & Jared Hornsby) is a 6-song worship EP written and recorded in a singer/songwriter style.  Listen to or buy it  by clicking here.






Facedown - climb to the rooftopsFacedown was a band with Ben Kennedy and Richie & Dana Fike.  It’s about half praise and worship and half folk-rock music that features great harmonies and nice songwriting.  It was the first album that we released, and it did well at Christian music sites like grassrootsmusic.com and independentbands.com.