The WE album
  • Genre:Christian Worship
  • Release date:01 May 2010

The WE album

  1. 01 Make Us Desperate
  2. 02 Delight Myself In You
  3. 03 Nothing Can Separate Us
  4. 04 Worthy To Receive
  5. 05 Our Savior Is The Lord
  6. 06 Celebrate
  7. 07 I'm In Love With You
  8. 08 You Give Life
  9. 09 You Turn
  10. 10 The Eucharist
  11. 11 Hear Me Now
  12. 12 Make Me New Reprise

The Eucharist Make Me New Reprise Hear Me Now You Turn You Give Life I’m In Love With You Celebrate Our Savior Is The Lord Worthy To Receive Nothing Can Separate Us Delight Myself In You Make Us DesperateThis album is entitled “WE”, and the title indicates its hope.  “We are greater together than ever apart.”

In 2010, the Lord began giving Ben and Lori a new vision for a worship album that combined multiple musical styles and crossed denominational and demographic lines.  It was to be called WE and be a unifying collection of songs that highlights all of our want, need, and love of the Father, but done in a way that pioneered a new sound in worship fusing genres together.

It has been a journey both musically and spiritually.   “We began with this vision the Lord had given us.  And then, each and every night we recorded, we began with a simple prayer.  ‘Lord, come and have Your way.  Imprint Your Spirit on every note, every chord, and every track.  Draw people to Yourself.’  And you know what, He led every step of the way.”  The conclusion?  It’s an artful craft of all our favorite things wrapped in tested, singable, and congregationally-driven Holy Spirit worship that helps people express their hearts to the Father…Southern funk, R&B soul, gospel-filled praise, modern hymns, and a few raps tastefully peppered in there.

The album is complex both musically and creatively, yet it truly is multi-ethnic worship, bridging the gap between hyms and funk, spirituals and rock, gospel and folk, praise and worship.  This album was created for more than your ears…it was meant for your mouths to sing, your body to move, and your heart to worship our great God!  Also, this album is full of songs that were born in the moments most of us honestly experience God – pain, progress, and praise.  If you know anything about the band’s style and sound, it means some sort of crazy fusion between an acoustic guitar-playin’ singer/songwriter, southern blues/r&b/hip-hop, and some serious funk/gospel.  We want to introduce these different styles to one another, and see them come together in some of the most throw-down worship you’ve ever heard.

Album Notes:

  • Produced by Ben Kennedy and Rick Naqvi
  • Tracking and editing done at Black God Studios in Baton Rouge, LA
  • Mastering done at Rodney Mills Masterhouse in Atlanta, GA
  • Duplication done with “3-Day Discs” in Olympia, WA
  • Photography by Patrick Mehaffey (