WE Album
WE Album

21 Days: 21 Songs CPU Vision

As part of a new focus on House Concerts we are planning on recording 7 songs that go along with that format.  These songs were born out of a very unique situation…a marathon session…21 days in which I wrote 21 songs.


Here are 5 new scratch tracks that are in process of production for your preview.


Also, check out our Booking Page by clicking here if you are interested in hosting a house concert. 



Ben and Lori Close Up-smallerBen Kennedy’s sound can best be described as acoustic fusion: the union between evocative songwriting, pounding guitar textures, and passionate vocals. His wife Lori adds addictively angelic vocals of her own and the tribal groove of world-beat percussion. Their idiosyncratic style is displayed whether they are performing as a duo or as a full funk band with drums, horns, and a Hammond. 
Both their house concert and larger venue shows are not only captivating and expressive, but also evoke a guttural emotion that longs to express and aches to feel, all at the same moment. Their worship sets are vertical and improvisational, leading people to an experiential God. 
It’s their ability to create intricate instrumentation and beautiful harmonies simultaneously that makes their sound so addictive.  Ben’s hip-hop roots and relational faith continue to engage audiences with their infectious style and intriguing lyrics.


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